By Science and Nonduality

image by Caras Ionut

by Roy Melvyn

That which has incarnated may reincarnate. But until one is clear about what has incarnated in the first place, all talk of reincarnation is a poor use of our time together.

Believe me when I tell you that there is no difference between us as there is no difference between the space in this room and the space in the hallway.

Is there any difference between the consciousness in you and the consciousness in me?

Discriminate between consciousness witnessing and consciousness witnessed. The witness of consciousness never sets foot into the realm of the consciousness.

Discriminate between ‘I’ as transient and ‘I’ as everlasting eternal. While one moves, the other never moves.

Discriminate between consciousness of the body and body consciousness. Seeing oneself as formless facilitates this.

The basic existential tension is between our irrefutable intuition of our own divinity juxtaposed with the way things seem to be. The latter is confusion, a mass of deceptive convictions which are taken without investigation to be obvious truths.

The conflict translates into uncertainty about the nature of our being.

Most of those who come here come for a deeper intellectual understanding. The truth is that the people who visit me should be thoroughly intellectually exhausted as a pre-condition.

Admittedly, intellect can improve external conditions. That’s what technological advancement is all about. However, are we any happier or any more at peace than we were a thousand years ago? I would argue that we are not and this points to the failure of the intellect to improve on internal states of being.

Unfortunately, we will continue to sharpen the intellect until it becomes obvious that we have been sharpening the wrong tool.

In most instances, a realization cannot occur until one becomes totally exhausted by the dead ends one has encountered. Consider Buddha, decades of unfruitful efforts to eliminate suffering and then throwing up his hands in exhaustive defeat. The Ch’an ‘gong an’ or Zen koan has the same purpose.

When the intellect relinquishes its role as arbiter and philosopher, an opening occurs which allows for the deeper insight that regardless of how it seems, you can never leave what you are.

Then, you carry out your life zestfully while rooted in the understanding that your true identity is beyond even ‘I Am’.


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