Become the Possessor of Awareness

Become the Possessor of Awareness

By Hafiz

You who are not yet aware, become the possessor of awareness.
If you haven't traveled, how can you be a guide?
In the Academy of Realization, pay attention to the adept of love,
so that one day, O son, you may become a father.
Wash your hands of the cheap metals of existence like the mature,
so that you may find the philosopher's Stone of love and be gold yourself.
Sleeping and eating has kept you far away from your true level.
You will come to yourself when you give up sleeping and eating.
If the light of the love of truth falls on your heart and soul,
you will be more beautiful than the sun of the skies.
For one moment drown yourself in the sea of God, don't think
the seven seas will wet a single hair of yours.
From head to toe you will become the light of God
when you lose yourself on his resplendent road.
Once God's face becomes the only thing you see,
you will surely become a master of vision.
When the basis of your existence is overthrown,
empty your heart, for you will also be overthrown.
O Hafiz, if your head is set on the climax of union,
be the dust on the threshold of those who can see.

Translated By Kabir Helminski

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