A Disciple of Life

By Science and Nonduality

Jean Klein: Ultimately speaking there is not a guru and not a disciple, no teacher or teaching, because what you are is not teachable. Have you anything to say?

Question: So in what sense can we understand the word “disciple”?

Jean Klein: To be a disciple means to prepare oneself to face the truth. It is a profound need to be one with truth. The preparation is the result of seeing that one’s life is dispersed, that it is still meaningless, that one is lost in trying to escape from a meaningless life. When the question, “What is the meaning of life?” appears in all urgency, when one is ready to give all to this question, then one is a disciple, a disciple of truth, of life.

Question: So there is a clear moment when one is not a disciple and when one is?

Jean Klein: Absolutely. When you are a disciple of life all doings refer to the question, to truth. Life may not change outwardly, but there is a feeling of inner orientation, a conviction of the quest.

Question: How can actions refer to the truth when one is not yet established in truth?

Jean Klein: The threshold of truth is the absence of calculation, the notknowing state. All that appears in you refers to this thoughtless ground, your silence. Every object appears and dies in this stillness.

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