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LATEST DIALOGUES A Final Destination: The Human Universe

In this session Deepak Chopra discusses the seven universes that human beings have devised to explain existence, leading to the conclusion that the cosmos has evolved to reflect human evolution. This is not a philosophical observation but a “must be so” when it comes to such baffling dilemmas as the origin of life and the appearance of consciousness. The seven universes reflect human perceptions about reality itself. They are; Divine, Classical, Relativistic, Quantum, Uncertain, Conscious and finally, Human. The Human Universe, which is based on the undeniable fact that any universe is only knowable through the human mind’s ability to think about reality. If all knowledge is rooted in human consciousness, perhaps we are viewing not the real universe but a selective one based on the limitations of the brain. This last proposition leads to the conclusion that the apparent evolution of the cosmos since the Big Bang has been parallel to, and totally dependent upon, human consciousness. We are the conscious agents who create reality in our own image. Although totally contradictory to physicalism, the Human Universe may be completely necessary if we have any hope of solving the remaining Big Questions concerning the inexplicable emergence of life and conscious beings in a cosmos that has no necessity to produce either.

Deepak Chopra M.D., F.A.C.P., Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing . Deepak Chopra, M.D is the author of more than 70 books, including numerous New York Times bestsellers. His medical training is in internal medicine and endocrinology, and he is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and an adjunct professor of Executive Programs at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University Columbia Business School, adjunct professor at Columbia Business School, Columbia University, and a Senior Scientist at the Gallup organization. For more than a decade, he has participated as a lecturer at the Update in Internal Medicine, an annual event sponsored by Harvard Medical School’s Department of Continuing Education and the Department of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical

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21 Responses to “A Final Destination: The Human Universe”

  1. December 12, 2016 at 11:17 am, Karl Gary said:

    How accurate is Deepak? – Very accurate.

    Here is another way of explaining the universe. As Deepak says, the universe was designed to produce human consciousness and other life forms.

    An Essay: The Nature of Time & The Human Soul
    By Karl Gary

    Most of Eastern philosophy and New Age thought feel that the world is an illusion, and to overcome this condition, humans must return to their source. I submit that these ideas should be flipped around because our source, is the major part of the illusion and already here. The illusion that we experience is not of Earth. The illusion is the empty space of the universe where Earth shouldn’t exist at all, and every tick of the clock saturates the far-flung dream with a sense of realness. Therefore, our human condition is best served by concentrating on Time. This energy is pin pointed at Earth and will move humans to higher states of realism due to Time and how it operates.

    Time the Processor:

    Time encompasses a massive influence to our universe from what I term the Light Membrane. The Light Membrane contains infinite layers of science and physics far beyond the four forces of our universe – gravity, electromagnetic, the strong nuclear, and the weak nuclear. During a phase transition before Time occurred in the Big Bang, the Light Membrane arranged the four forces and controls the strengths through invisible frequencies of Light that are integrated into each force. Control is exerted through a web like structure that we have labeled the Quantum Field. However, to control all the physical forces we should pluralize to Quantum Fields, as other disciplines have not been discovered. And just as unique, the whole is powered by the mechanical rope of Time.

    The Light Membrane’s application of physics is not quite a master switch and functions as an influence to every aspect of the Dark Membrane that we call our universe. This is not an easy trick because these two membranes operate as the exact opposites of each other: timelessness vs. time, order vs. disorder, harmony vs. chaos, clarity vs. confusion, life vs. radiation, love vs. fear, and finally, real vs. the unreal. This idea also corresponds to the human body as the mind versus the heart. Certainly, one may form a list as long as they wish.

    In the Light Membrane, since it timeless, creation and evolution are instantaneous due to the speed of Light. Inside the Light Membrane they act as one unit of energy. During the Big Bang, the Light Membrane detained the Dark Membrane from expanding to perform a phase transition. The delay was a holding pattern for a major mapping to occur before the grander expansion of emptiness. At ground zero of Time, the Light Membrane produced a web of modifiers which are essentially invisible layers of Light frequencies that matted as the foundation to the Dark Membrane. We could say that the Higgs field was installed in this manner, however, much more was installed. The process led to the four forces of nature, a Time mechanism, and a web of specialized energy that became the invisible backbone of the Dark Membrane. Our narrow version of Quantum Physics was installed that the Light Membrane freely controls.

    The holding pattern also allowed the Light Membrane to fully process the Dark Membrane to its ending conclusion of becoming a non-disordered and harmonious state of Light to fill the empty void. That processing created frequencies of physical time that are stored in the timeless nature of the Light Membrane. In one essence, there are two forms of Time – physical time and Light-Time. The actual movement of physical time occurs when the frequencies from Light-Time penetrate the Dark Membrane to affect the disorder with a multitude of energies – mainly creation and evolution. Time is the mapping of changes that are applied to the empty space of disorder. What we consider to be haphazard Time, is a predestined road map with systems that adjust to what disorder may divide and decay.

    We effortlessly comprehend the three dimensions of space – up, down and sideways – and then consider Time as a fourth dimension. Time, the fourth dimension that we do not see but experience, is a creation strictly from the Light Membrane. The Dark Membrane cannot create a tick of a clock to naturally contain time. Its full nature is disorder that divides and decays everything and creates nothing. Again, back to the holding pattern of the Big Bang. The Light Membrane formatted disorder to an order of Time, which also included Light’s preconditioning to form and function. Remember, the pace of creation inside the Light Membrane would be at the speed of Light, so in a flash, it shaped physical time to be linear as the original order to disorder, and then attached its preconditioned form and function to manifest in a sequenced production. The stage has been set to roll out the best possible universe inside a membrane of unlimited dysfunction and disorder.

    The tick, tick, tick of a clock is agonizingly slow because disorder is a strong force. Disorder itself slows the Light-Time frequencies down to a crawl. Consequently, Time flows through the Dark Membrane at an absurdly compressed rate compared to the speed of Light. After all, it is an absurd membrane. And what would happen if we could travel at the speed of Light inside the Dark Membrane? Time would stop. It’s an excellent proof that Time comes from the Light Membrane.

    Without Light’s processing of Time as a fourth dimension, disorder would remain in complete chaos in a universe we would not recognize, nor could we detail any of the physics because they would not make sense – as if physics could exist at all in that type of universe. I conclude that a dark universe without Time would be one scary place. Taking disorder and laying it flat in Time, is scary enough.

    The flow of Time is like a very thick rope that jumped ahead of the Big Bang, and is now pulling Light-Time frequencies through the Dark Membrane. That rope contains many threads of Light’s capabilities. A thread of creation, a thread of evolution, a thread that controls dark energy, a thread that controls dark matter, a thread that controls the Higgs field and the other processing filters (quantum fields) we have not discovered. Some we will discover and others will never be theorized since they are outside of what the human mind can calculate.

    Time transports all these energies into existence which help to maintain the four forces of our universe. Time acts as a wide wave of processing, and more importantly, contains a hidden adjustability within the threads of each function that gently alters everything inside the disordered membrane toward a positive purpose. Time’s movement is a complex weave of unified processing that activates the web of the Quantum Fields to materialize its form and function. Time is the big wave of processing and the Quantum Fields are the smaller waves that do all the dirty work. Perhaps we understand approximately 5% of those waves, strings, and particles, that pop in and out of existence in any form required.

    Neutrinos are especially valuable to the Light Membrane. They can penetrate all mass and supply direct feedback to what is occurring in the physical. The Light Membrane is a dimensionless realm of unlimited potentiality where big and small do not exist. Expansion and contraction are not relative when the nature remains the same, so, a neutrino transmits a world of information. With this thread of monitoring, since the Light Membrane is a field of endless science and physics, a new type of thread can be invented when needed. The quantum webs and the Light-Time that influence the Dark Membrane are completely variable. The Dark versus the Light are always in a give and take and why many threads are needed to keep the preformatted Time table on course. Those threads keep disorder from breaking down and decaying Light’s saturation into the empty space that we call home.

    For added weirdness, let’s throw in an Eastern philosophy that everything is made of consciousness. The Dark Membrane would then take on a trait of an unhappy place. It would behoove the scientists to begin research with the hypothesis that the Dark Membrane is alive as a hidden frequency of consciousness, just as the Light Membrane contains a hidden frequency of consciousness. This would mean that consciousness is subject to rather quick changes of thought, and hence, Light’s creation of Quantum Fields and Light-Time remain instantly mutable. So mutable that multiverses are created for all forms of consciousness.

    How strong is disorder?

    It is equally as strong as Light’s influence. Earth has undergone five extinctions and each time, new layers of Time were created to get Earth back on its path. The processing between the two membranes is highly interactive to maintain the original road map of Time. That road map ends in technology driven life systems across the entire universe. We shouldn’t find this surprising, considering that the Light Membrane is all about science and physics.

    Furthermore, can we expect the study of limited physics inside the Dark Membrane to equate to a realm of unlimited physics, and one that can create additional physics when necessary? Certainly not. Why would physics not be a part of creation and evolution? We, as the human species will experience physics that we cannot predict but will fully understand. Science frequencies will emerge that we are simply a part of. In the distant future and a more vivid reality – preprocessed by Light and its Time frequencies – Earth will undergo a phase transition to what I call Material Light. I leave it to your imagination to figure out what that means. All I can say is, creation and evolution are nonstop. Time marches forward and so do the physics.

    I hope this idea would sagaciously end the debate between creationism and evolution, for they are threads of the same rope and work hand in hand to solve issues. Creation is created and then Time transfers in the evolution all in one motion – which means creation and evolution are married. And there is nothing unfitting when describing the Light Membrane as Intelligent Design. The many conscious beings of Light are infinite designers of whom we have joined.

    The Full Circle:

    The Time injection, which started right after the delay of the Big Bang, eventually formed matter and arranged the stars and galaxies to light the empty space. Granted, a fake version Light that is high in radiation, but nonetheless, a form of order is brought to disorder with a positive purpose. Light’s control of dark energy that repels, pushed the universe open to diminish radiation. Light invented black holes that instigated rotation as another correction to disorder, which allowed the space between the arms of the Milky Way to contain less radiation, so that life could take shape.

    To go deeper into this aspect of Time: A black hole is the mechanism that pulls Time through a galaxy and when the event horizon is reached, Time is virtually at a stop. The rotation and movement is the consequence of Time being dragged through empty space. Time is movement and movement is Time, and relative to each other as Einstein proved. I merely add that Time contains the processing threads (Light frequencies from the Light Membrane) of creation and evolution, through a simple deduction. If all matter stood still and frozen, Time too would stop, and so would physical creation and evolution. I’m sure this has been rigorously debated throughout the years of science and became so complex that this simple deduction is now lost in a plethora of ideas that distort the obvious. I offer the short version of creation/evolution because I want to get to Earth. Time is of a different nature on Earth. It is controlled by the human soul as I will explain.

    To understand how human souls control Time, we must understand the many functions of Earth and how our souls were created to mix with Light-Time.

    The development of our solar system is of Light-Time. The Light Membrane gathered a ball of Light and specialized the energy that is Earth. Earth is an alive system of consciousness with its own soul of Light. A Soul is defined as any Light system that contains its own set of frequencies. Earth is the overriding creation of Light which signifies that the Light Membrane (the real) – our source – is solidly integrated into the Dark Membrane (the unreal). Earth’s Light nature is a transformation center of disordered Dark energy into Light energy. It turns empty unreal space into realism. Earth is a system of Light that transposes empty space into Life: such as trees, plants, animals, mountains, rivers and oceans. All forms of transformation would help lead to the creation of the human species. The Intelligent Design of Earth was for humans to walk her surface, and walk her surface with a piece of Light as an individual soul of Light. Underneath all of life, is a system of Light and endless harmony that Earth supplies.

    Could we not consider Earth a stage of realness inside the disorder that is not real? Are we not real, even though we suffer from disorder? And could we not describe the angst of disorder as the mind defying the heart, especially when the mind instates a soulless thought system of self? Does this help one to see the mix of the two membranes?

    Regrettably, the inner harmony that Earth contains has not reached her surface to its full extent, and Earth remains a disordered place of life and death. Light’s first stage of processing disorder, could only produce a self-awareness structure as a shared reality that passes through the generations – of which all animals participate with through brain cells linked to the disorder of decay and death that manifests a biological survival dynamism. The self-awareness I refer to is the ego consciousness of mind and body. Ego consciousness is best described as the survival of self and is not restrained to human consciousness. Ego consciousness is shared gestalt of thought for the entire planet, and very much linked to Time’s processing.

    Earth’s Light system is responsible for the creation of your Soul, my Soul, and all Souls. We are a creation of one Soul – Earth’s Soul. Earth created Human Light that enjoys Earth’s Light. This also explains why Heaven looks like a pristine version of Earth from those who have had near death experiences, because our human souls live in her gigantic Light Soul. From there, Earth’s Light system expands out into the rest of the Light Membrane. If you investigate my other lessons, one will find a very complex universe of Light. One filled with countless species of Light that offer an endless eternity of learning the unrestricted sciences that have developed to support every form of life. Light consciousness, I assure you, will never get boring. Eventually, you will move out of Earth’s Light system and explore those infinite realms.

    Our souls were not created in a Heaven by a god as most envision. Our Souls were created by Earth’s Light system that converted disordered energy into Human Light energy. This process created a human soul as a multidimensional being of Time, because Earth is of Light-Time. When Light entered the hearts of primitive Neanderthals to create individual units of Light, instant creation and evolution evolved the human species to its final nature. We all have a future self of Light that was made perfect in a flash of creation. That is the nature of the human soul.

    The Human Light Soul created out of the Neanderthal period, is at Light speed and so advanced, that it influenced the evolution of tissue to Cro-Magnon and thus, here we are today with a bigger brain that can be influenced by our human souls of Light. Human souls are literally a feedback system of information to the higher source of Earth’s Soul, and Earth’s Light will provide any frequency of science that we require to adjust the many hidden functions inside Light-Time before its flow to physicality. This is how the Light Membrane operates, it supplies tools for our benefit, even to parameters it invented. And now, human souls control the flow of Time to Earth.

    Our future selves became layers of time in a backward and forward movement to effect all change in human history. Our future selves instantaneously created a marvelous technology driven future. Our Souls have pre-lived and pre-constructed every time period of technology growth at Light speed. These Light-Time realms filter to Earth through the heart as intuition, and stages of technology are slowly brought into existence. Undesirably, the disorder of ego consciousness distorts our great ideas into a selfish and systematic repetition, directly from centuries of soulless thought.

    The invention of the telescope was not a lucky accident. The intuition of how to build a telescope, eventually allowed humans to see the nature of our spinning existence, all the way into Hubble’s Deep Field of vision. At each step of the way, the nature of ego consciousness changed. A clear indicator that to improve our awareness level for the masses, it is linked to technology growth. This type of growth would naturally contain higher standards of education.

    Future technologies will teach us how to take care of Earth and humans, once ego consciousness processes the information with clarity. Moreover, technology is our savior, for technology is of the Light Membrane. It’s accurate to say that the human soul fully understands the Light Membrane and integrated into Light’s capability of flowing Time into the Dark Membrane – and since we are the products of Earth, we are designed to influence Earth and the consciousness on her surface, straight from our scientific nature. That scientific nature is laced with even more goodies.

    Why is the nature of the human soul so advanced?

    The human soul is created from a Fabric of Light. I call it a Fabric because that is how it acts. On Earth, we wear a human body like a fabric. When we move out of the body, we wear Light as a Fabric. But this is not just any fabric. It’s a Magical Fabric.

    Obviously, it took massive amounts of science to create Earth, and since Earth created our Light souls, we are that science. The Light Fabric contains frequencies of science and physics that are integrated into a compassionate weave of conscious energy. The sciences in the Light Membrane are merely frequencies of Light that we have learned to operate. This allowed the human soul to design and control the future.

    To say it another way: Light is fabric of science, physics and compassion, and we are the loving consciousness of the fabric. Our consciousness gives movement to the Fabric much in the same way our minds move the body. We get to play with that fabric in the most magical ways. A freewill system that is completely harmless, which always ends in realms that are built by and from compassion. This means that the final nature of our Soul is highly scientific, and beautifully laced with the innate and unchangeable energy of compassion. Thought has always created reality, but in Light, we just have a better set of tools that are exclusively made of compassion, and of course, contain no disorder.

    Our human souls, our future selves, have already constructed a harmonious world for us to live in. And it’s a highly technical world that looks a lot like the Venus Project. It’s a world where technology and automation eliminated war, politics, money and poverty, and changed the ego consciousness on Earth’s surface. Survival energy was emptied from human thought on a wide scale. Pedantically said, this means that the age of enlightenment we all desire, is linked to technology growth; simply because these are the layers of Time that we have procreated and currently transgressing to Earth. This is how our human souls control Time. We have learned how Time frequencies operate from the Light Membrane into the Dark Membrane, and then integrated portions of our soul into the Light-Time function. Integrate is perhaps the wrong word. It’s more like a birth right.

    The human version of God which does not exist, is best described as a Light Fabric of compassion, which contains frequencies of science that become our tools to create whatever we desire. Our human souls share in that design and now control Time – that is the nature of freewill – to learn the Light Fabric and be your own evolution. The Light Membrane dictates nothing but creative compassion as unlimited freewill.

    Humans are currently moving into a science-based-thought-system that mirrors our inner Soul, and this will manifest higher states of compassion on the surface of Earth. Aren’t scientists in general the more compassionate humans and perhaps the only form of education that should be pursued? They heal diseases, they improve water and food supplies, they pen free essays to expand knowledge, they share openly when not constricted by other aspects of ego consciousness, and they constantly strive for the clearest of thought to improve a field of study. This attitude preconstructed our future inside Earth’s Soul and we are merely manifesting that reality into existence. You and I are time fragments created by our scientific Souls, as the multidimensional beings of Time we became. Our inner selves are guiding the outer selves of physical Time, directly through an intuitive process.

    We were sent to Earth to bring about change – every human contains this goal. Unfortunately, the surface of Earth is still a highly-disordered energy system of ego consciousness that diverts us from our inner voice of unity, and in most cases, a distortion caused by the depraved education of ego consciousness. We literally teach survival energy and then lace it with debt as slavery to the system, and then ignore most of those who struggle on the fringes. However, the structure of ego consciousness is slowly changing not by us seeking the source, but by the source coming to us through Time.

    Time will produce technologies that completely change ego consciousness and survival energy, directly from the sciences that the Light Membrane provided for us to learn. Humans will rationally drop every ancient idea of how we view ourselves, for none of them can mirror the effects of technology on human consciousness and behavior. Confusion will finally give way to clarity, once the physical technologies are acknowledged as the supreme power that can eliminate the human frailties of war, politics, money and poverty. This will allow humans to embrace Time and concede to its power. Humans will precisely engineer compassion of Earth; just as the Light Membrane intended.

    The dream at every step of the way is not disappearing, but becoming real directly from the Light Membrane that processes the Dark Membrane. Earth is always a stage of realness that floats and spins inside an unreal vacuum of dark space. The term spacetime should be eliminated, since Time is us. If we consider Earth’s double nature and that our Light souls control Time at and for this source; Light-Time would be the better description.

    Our human souls as a Family of Light have created the Time frequencies that journey into the physical through the heart to mind connection. The movement of Time are frequencies we create – we just don’t know it yet. But our hearts do.

  2. December 18, 2016 at 5:48 pm, Joe Masterleo said:

    Uh huh. Now that clears things up, for sure.

  3. December 18, 2016 at 6:57 pm, Joe Masterleo said:

    Just finished listening to Chopra’s presentation, and the one sensible statement in it came in a self-described moment with about a minute to go in the video, when he hoped his talk wasn’t received as “hopelessly abstract.” Given the fact that dark matter,dark energy and .01% of the universe are all unknowable mysteries, then why bother trying to understand them in the conventional “scientific” sense? Mystery, after all, doesn’t lend itself to same. Never has, and never will. Let Being be, and live, move and have your being in it. In essence, we exist as a ray of divine light from the Infinite Invisible. In the visible universe, for example, a ray of light doesn’t seek the sun, it is coming from the sun, and is thus not separate from the sun itself. That is, that light ray is IN the visible world but not OF it. Likewise our essence. All we’re given is metaphors and similitudes to infer same with regard to our existence as living aspect of the Unknowable. Keep it simple and concrete, not “hopelessly abstract,” and I’ll tell you why. If a farmer, say, in Minnesota or Iowa or Indiana doesn’t get the explanation, you may as well be reciting the Russian alphabet to him. Further, try telling him that his massive manure pile behind the barn doesn’t exist, but is simply a construct of his own limite4d conceptual framework.

  4. December 19, 2016 at 8:49 am, orva said:

    Perhaps Chopra does not ‘explain everything.’ And maybe Karl Gary doesn’t either. But– they both go a long way toward dissolving many crippling superstitions and neurosis.

    Not only that; I find their thinking plain and simply inspiring, and what more could a ‘light-being’ wish for?

  5. December 21, 2016 at 1:13 am, Karl Gary said:

    Thank you Orva,

    Isn’t that what it is all about, breaking down crippling thought, because thought controls everything?

  6. December 21, 2016 at 1:28 am, Karl Gary said:

    Dear Joe,

    I agree with you wholeheartedly – the manure is made real and concrete by throwing it at another human, versus explaining it as an abstract theory of atoms and quantum fields. The rest of my lessons reduces everything to Human Energy. As in, we either do positive things or we do negative things. All the magical poop is taken out for the clarity you desire and that others can absorb.

  7. December 21, 2016 at 1:51 am, Karl Gary said:

    In fact Joe, I’ll go one step further. If humans do not simplify and concentrate exclusively on the positive that affects the negative physical, we will self destruct. It’s my major theme to saving the planet.

  8. December 23, 2016 at 12:08 pm, Joe Masterleo said:

    It IS about energy, along with vibration. And the origin of the energy isn’t human energy, its divine energy (light energy) in material/psychological/spiritual form depending on its level of transformation and frequency vibration. When that energy in human form remains at the lower levels (lower frequency vibration) it serves only the small picture, not what’s in the best interest of the larger picture or global community. But ALL the light energy, hi or lo, is the same energy in different forms, serving different purposes. The Hebrew Scriptures had it only half-right by declaring “dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” The other half is “light thou art, and unto light shalt thou return.”

  9. December 23, 2016 at 10:12 pm, Karl Gary said:

    I’m with you Joe,

    There is only Light energy as the real and final nature, that gets transformed into Human Light Energy (your soul) as another form of energy, then the soul energy transfers into the physical human energy of Earth. This would represent the higher vibration of the Light Membrane, reducing to the lower vibration of the Dark Membrane. Timelessness reducing down to the slowness of Time.

  10. December 24, 2016 at 9:57 am, Joe Masterleo said:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if globally, a prototype of the process of coming to a unified understanding on what we’re all about (and the collaborative ventures following) paralleled the process of our brief dialogue. Two strangers utilizing different constructs, metaphors and similitudes, all of which point to the same reality hidden in plain sight, equally accessible or inaccessible to all in a stratified spectrum of energy fields whose essence is Light. To paraphrase Chopra, consciousness is merely part of that cosmic Light energy interpreted locally as “me” or “mine.” Like the ocean, touching every continent, owned by none, and everywhere is taste is salty. As the metaphors I’m most familiar with are Judeo-Christian, the pitfalls of biblical literalism aside, perhaps when Jesus declared himself to be “the Light of the world” (embodied), that he meant that quite literally. In celebrating same during this, the time of the winter solstice when darkness gradually gives way to more light, let us celebrate same this holiday season, and hope for the dawning of same in global consciousness. A peaceful holiday, Karl.

    Joe Masterleo

  11. December 27, 2016 at 12:55 am, Karl Gary said:

    Yep Joe,

    Education, education, education. If everyone merely said they were Light, I wonder what would happen? Peace on Earth perhaps?

  12. December 28, 2016 at 12:57 pm, Joe Masterleo said:

    FYI: As an aside, the word “education” is from the Latin (educare), meaning “to draw or extract from” as water from a well. The sense of the term is that knowledge/knowing in its essence originates more from the inside-out, than outside-in. That is, deeper awareness are more fundamentally inward, the result of spiritual revelation-illumination-inspiration as opposed to class-room type instruction. So globally, there has to be a powerful world-wide movement of Spirit accelerating the whole process, akin to the widespread first and second Great Awakenings here in North America in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Either that, or there will be a ‘remnant’ of spiritually transformed souls placed in key global positions in whatever new or millennial age may be forthcoming, assuming nuclear or eco-annihilation doesn’t happen first.

  13. December 31, 2016 at 1:43 pm, Karl Gary said:

    What we need is a spirituality based political party. Nothing really gets done without a political movement.

    We could call it The Compassionate Party or The Technology Party, or the Party of Science.

    What really matters is that the humans who enjoy clearer thinking really should be in charge of the systems that govern civilization’s advancement.

    For some reason, spiritualists have this weird idea that they must stay out of politics. Gandhi never did, and neither did Jesus.

  14. December 31, 2016 at 8:20 pm, Joe Masterleo said:

    I’m with Gandhi and Jesus on that one, Karl. As they currently stand, politics and spirituality are informed by two totally different energies that take the persons therein in radically different directions, utilizing differing means and methods resulting in opposing ends. As I see it, the only way politics/spirituality can effectively merge is by establishing a global theocracy wherein divinity descends en masse and restores the globe from its current decrepit state. Not sure if you’re familiar with the Judeo-Christian framework which allows for same. That is, the biblical timeline posits 7 dispensations, or ways that Spirit has/will intervene in the affairs of mankind over the ages. According to that timeline, we’re currently in the 6th, or next to last dispensation (the age of Grace). The next and final dispensation is the Kingdom Age, one involving the Armageddon sequence prior to the second advent of Christ. According to the revelation, “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess” that Christ is Lord over the entire Universe. Mind you, not the historical Jesus, but the Cosmic Christ spoken of in a book by the same name, authored by Matthew Fox. Most of the sensible theologians who study biblical end-time phenomena are in agreement that the globe been on the cusp on same since the mid-point of the 20th century. And the event will be cataclysmic and convulsive en route to righting a topsy-turvy world gone awry. While I’m no comparative religion scholar, I know of no other systematic theology that delineates a detailed schema on God’s plan for history as the one found in the New Testament. In fact, the books of Scripture allude more to the second coming of Christ than to his first advent. And there is plenty written between its covers that point to his first arrival over two millennia ago. I agree heartily with your solution, Karl, but the Scriptural premise is that left to itself, mankind will not be a good steward of himself, others and the planet — thus calling for a more powerful intervention from on high. And from what is written in the prophetic and apocalyptic literature, it’ll be a helluva show. Stay tuned.

  15. January 07, 2017 at 8:39 am, Karl Gary said:

    Sorry Joe, that is a place I cannot go, for it is not real.

    Through meditation I access Light, and there is no God. God is an invention of the human mind.

    I also get to access the layers of Light Time that humans have created. There is no apocalypse in Light Time. Again, like God, a man-made invention.

    Humans will apply technology correctly to the healing of Earth rather than the destruction. The process is underway as we speak. A new type of city is being designed and tested in Dubai.

    Find the compassionate world on u tube. I have posted many videos about the real nature of Light and Dark.

    Improving the human mind is not about believing in what is true, for the mind invents its own truths. The only question we should ask of our minds and our outside nature of life is: is that real?

    Light is real, God is not.

  16. January 07, 2017 at 9:03 am, Karl Gary said:

    Jesus was just a man and teacher of Light Principles. He was not born of a virgin, he did not walk on water, he did not heal the blind, he did not turn water into wine and he did not rise after three of death.

    Those are aspects that man wrote into the bible so that the church could have a God to worship, which also meant a way to control humans.

    The Egyptians invented many Gods who did all those same things Jesus did – virgin birth- walking on water- healing the blind – etc. Humans who wrote the bible borrowed those themes – they did not happen.

    Gandhi was of the same Light source, but he did not heal the blind, he did not walk on water. Modern history can be recorded accurately due to technology. Ancient history did not have this benefit. Sorry Joe, that is real.

  17. January 10, 2017 at 4:21 pm, Joe Masterleo said:

    Thank you, Karl. I appreciate and respect your perspective. It remains to be seen if, on a global scale, humans have the wherewithal to turn the world toward being informed by the Light you refer to. So far its not happening in any appreciable way, nor is it likely. I hold to the view that en masse, they cannot and will not, and that Jesus (the Cosmic Christ) was who he said he was, the head of all principality and power in bodily form who shall one day return in his glorified body to redeem the earth. The early church did NOT control believers, it became corrupted later on under the Roman emperor Constantine, and adopted many of the pagan deities and superstitions to “sell” (and dupe) the unlearned and ignorant masses. And by the way, everyone so illumined by that Light, strictly speaking, is born of a virgin, in that no other human is involved in entering (being born) into that higher realm. In my view, there certainly is God (divine Presence). Yet God is not a being, but Being itself – Light both transcendent and immanent who created, sustains and maintains the material universe. If you can disprove the resurrection, you can nullify who Christ claimed to be, and thus far, no one has effectively done that. Besides, not everything in the domain of “Light” that you refer to is of a divine or savory origin. After all, the name Lucifer means “light bearer.” Why consult a physician if bodies can heal themselves? Likewise, why send a Savior, if mankind can save itself? The gravitational and eclipsing affects are darkness are too strong and overpowering, Karl. Such is the effects of the Prince of this World, Karl, and everywhere the evidence is overwhelming. Far from dogmatic, Karl, I’d love to be wrong, because that means mankind has the intramural ability to lift itself up by the bootstraps globally. For my money, it takes more faith to believe in that, that in a man who allegedly raised from the dead two millennia ago.

    • January 19, 2017 at 8:24 pm, Karl Gary said:

      > Sorry Joe, I cannot go there either.

      If God is love, and God loves us, and God controls everything. God would not wait to end our suffering. He would have been here already and thrown Lucifer back to hell.

      Wouldn’t you do that? Isn’t that the smart thing to do?

      You have kids? Would you release a devil upon your kids? I bet you would not because you love your kids. Does this mean you can make a better decision than God? Yes it does.

      Which brings us back to God created creatures just to worship him, and if we do not, well, it’s bad news. That is not a good father. Human Fathers are better than that. Like you, you would not ask that of your kids.

      A God of love would only create a loving world, and certainly would not put his kids in a garden with a devil to infect his children. Joe, if you were God, I do not think you would have done that.

      If Eve was your child and she ate an apple, you would probably say – I bet you were hungry and no big deal. I forgive you for not following my direction. And my mistake for not supplying you a mother to feed you breakfast.

      Why even plant the tree of knowledge in the garden anyway? Not a good decision.

      And yet, since Eve ate the apple, God now punishes every generation with Satan. Why am I paying for Eve’s mistake. I did not eat the apple. That was not my choice.

      It’s a good thing that both God and Satan are not real, and the man-made story that surrounds them a beautiful chisel of stone by primitive thought, primitive men, who wanted power over the rest.

      But we do live in a disordered membrane. And disordered thought sure can believe some wacky things. Your Soul believe none of this, Joe.

  18. January 11, 2017 at 6:34 am, Joe Masterleo said:

    If interested, Karl, so as not to continue what amounts to a private dialogue, you can reach me by e-mail through my website,

  19. January 11, 2017 at 2:11 pm, Jake kenner said:

    The Scientific Basis for Nisargadatta’s Description of Reality

  20. January 12, 2017 at 7:54 pm, Joe Masterleo said:

    Such defies the principle of parsimony, explaining the most profound things in the simplest of terms. Who but an erudite scientist can understand it? The future of mankind and its spiritual awakening is too important to leave to erudite scientists.

    Joe Masterleo

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