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    Radiant Intimacy

    A joint production of SAND and 1440

    May 25th – 28th, 2018
    We all long for love. We long to be intimately connected to others and ourselves. We all want to be seen and known as we are. For some, a partnership or marriage is the natural outcome of this longing. Others find alternative styles of intimacy more fulfilling.

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    October 24 – 28, 2018
    Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA

    For most of human history we’ve been trying to comprehend who we are through the lens of spiritual traditions. Then the Age of Enlightenment ushered in science, giving us a powerful new way to look at ourselves.


  • SAND18 Italy

    July 3 – 9, 2018
    Titignano Castle in Orvieto Terni, Italy

    At the SAND Italy gathering we will continue to explore where knowledge meets the unknown and the unknowable. We will navigate that space where new discoveries in science and profound realizations in spirituality become possible.


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    The Realization Process: A Direct Path

    A 4-part Webinar Series with Judith Blackstone

    February 24th, March 3rd, 10th & 17th, 2018
    In this four-class webinar, Judith will teach and explain the main practices of the Realization Process, a direct and unique path to embodied, nondual awakening.

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    The Cerebrospinal Fluid and I AM

    A 3-part Webinar Series with Mauro Zappaterra

    March 31st, April 7th, & 14, 2018
    This webinar will investigate your embryology. It will welcome you into this world as an embryo. It will look at some of the most basic and primitive cellular movements that occur to us as embryos as we are cellular organisms being molded into the human beings that we are today.

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    Awakening in Daily Living

    A 3-part Webinar Series with Shakti Caterina Maggi

    Jan. 27, Feb. 17 & March 24th, 2018
    Every human being looks for peace in their inner and outer reality. In some of its creatures, Consciousness awakens to the desire of seeing clearly behind the chaos of life. In this call for clarity, what we are searching for is actually our true nature.

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Absolute Perfection is Here and Now – Nisargadatta Maharaj

Questioner: The war is on. What is your attitude to it? Maharaj: In some place or other, in some form or other, the war is always on. Was there a time when there was no war? Some say…


Your Nature is Happiness, Rupert Spira

Speaking at the SAND gathering in Italy, Rupert guides us through a simple step-by-step enquiry from the perception of the subjects and objects of experience to the knowledge of the ever presence of awareness. He points…


True Artificial Consciousness – Is It Possible?

By Sean Webb There have been a large number of articles published about Artificial Intelligence lately, most with varying topics of focus. Some discuss how AI applications will eventually replace numerous human jobs, potentially disrupting global…


Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

Native of eternity. At home in infinity. Breathing immortality. Let these words sing in every cell. Abundance of splendor. Luminous energies of creation, Pulsing everywhere always. What could these astounding words mean? Meditate on them continually,…


Body / No-Body

by Joan Tollifson By tuning into the body with awareness, by exploring it as pure sensation, we discover that there is no “body” (except as a mental concept, an abstraction of thought), and we discover that…


Panpsychism: Building Up to Human Consciousness

Physics has tackled many far-reaching questions about the universe, but one question continues to stir up passionate arguments on all sides: What gives rise to consciousness? David Chalmers, a philosophy of mind professor at New York…

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