October 24 – 28, 2018
    Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, CA

    For most of human history we’ve been trying to comprehend who we are through the lens of spiritual traditions. Then the Age of Enlightenment ushered in science, giving us a powerful new way to look at ourselves.


  • SAND18 Livestream

    October 25 – 28, 2018

    Join us virtually in the SAND main conference room (Hayes Ballroom) from Thursday Oct. 25th @ 7pm (PST) through Sunday Oct. 28th @ 6pm (PST).

    Free for SAND Supporters!

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  • SAND Anthology Vol. 8

    19 conversations with scientists and spiritual teachers

    Free for Supporters!
    SAND Online Anthology Vol. 8 is another mind and heart opening collection of conversations with leading scientists, contemporary mystics, authors and teachers. Science and Nonduality Anthology Volume 8 takes you on a journey into the most compelling questions of our time. $24.95.

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  • The MindBody Self

    A 4-part Webinar Series with Mario Martinez

    September 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2018
    We know that the mind influences the body, but what seems to be ignored in the life sciences is what influences the mind. I will explain why culture is what influences the mind.

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  • On Time: Consciousness and the Flow of Events

    A 3-part Webinar Series with Julia Mossbridge

    October 6, 13, and 20
    Most of us have ideas about answers to these questions, and no one knows for sure. Dr. Julia Mossbridge has been thinking about physical, objective, subjective time and consciousness since she was a child, and recently has started exploring interpersonal time.

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  • Youth Scholarship Program

    SAND is excited to announce the launch of our Youth Scholarship Program. We have 30 scholarships to donate to youth ages 16-23 to attend this year’s Science and Nonduality Conference in San Jose, California this October 26th-28th, 2018.

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  • The Mystery and Art of Being Human

    A 4-part Webinar Series with Bruce Damer

    Sept 30, Oct 7, Oct 14 and Oct 21
    Dr. Bruce Damer, visionary scientist, author and speaker will take SAND webinar course participants on one of the great journeys of our age: back in time to the ignition of the cosmos up to the origin of life, through our own evolution, and on out to the future of human civilization and the fate of the biosphere.
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Oxytocin Enhances Spirituality: The Biology of Awe

Oxytocin has been dubbed the “love hormone” for its role promoting social bonding, altruism and more. Now new research from Duke University suggests the hormone may also support spirituality. In the study, men reported a greater…


Scientists Gave MDMA to Octopuses — and What Happened Was Profound

When humans take the drug MDMA, versions of which are known as molly or ecstasy, they commonly feel very happy, extraverted, and particularly interested in physical touch. A group of scientists recently wondered whether this drug…


When Mind Meets Nature: Mauro Bergonzi and Shantena Sabbadini

In a conversation from SAND Italy, Mauro Bergonzi and Shantena Sabbadini discuss how the scientific perspective has influenced our view of reality. Shantena begins with an explanation of the difference between classical and quantum physics. They…


From Spiralling Ecstatically This

proud nowhere of earth’s most prodigious night blossoms a newborn babe:around him,eyes – gifted with every keener appetite than mere unmiracle can quite appease – humbly in their imagined bodies kneel (over time space doom dream…


Truth is an Orgasm You Can’t Fake

Everyone is suddenly a ‘spiritual teacher’ these days pushing the proverbial crack of ’empowerment’. And even though you have indeed come with gifts to offer, like sex, spiritual teaching shouldn’t be engaged in until every cell…


In the Quantum World, the Chicken and the Egg Can Both Come First

Philosophers, biologists, and barroom thinkers have all pondered one of the greatest mysteries of our time: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Each group has had strong arguments to back up their case, but…

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