What is the "new spirituality"?

New Way

If you have to express the new spirituality with a video, an image, symbol or one sentence what would that be?

Please send us your ideas in a visual format, a photo, a short clip so that we can insert them in a short collective video. Your contribution can be in any of the formats below:

  • one image
  • one video
  • one word
  • one symbol
  • one song
  • one sentence
  • one quote
If it is a word it can be you saying it, putting it on a card and taking a photo, writing on the sand… it’s your idea, go with it. Your offers can be in ALL languages, if not in English please help us by providing a translation of your presentation! Looking forward to play with all of you. Click here to upload your contribution no later then May 1st!

Send us your vision and spread this post and url so more people can contribute to it. Think out of the box, be creative, be bold, be irreverent, but most of all... BE! :-)

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