Media There are a limited number of press passes for working members of the Press who are covering the conference for a publication or other media outlet. You MUST show that you are a member of the working press and employed by a bona fide press outlet by presenting a photo press I.D. card, business card, or editor letter from a recognized publication. The letter MUST confirm your current employment with that media organization and state that you have been assigned to cover the conference for publication.

Deadline for Press Registration is October 1st, 2013. To apply, please complete the Press Registration Form and submit it along with copies of the appropriate documentation. Registration WILL NOT be accepted via telephone.

Note: Representatives of publishing houses, for-profit corporations, freelance photographers, noneditorial personnel, student documentarians, Web site or e-zine representatives who do not publish pertinent news to the conference WILL NOT be accredited for this conference. Freelance writers should send a copy of a bylined article published within the past 12 months and furnish documentation that supports their eligibility (memberships, etc.).

All requests for press passes must be pre-approved.

Your press identification with picture I.D. is required for pick-up of all press registration badges and materials at the conference Registration Desk.

Audio or visual recording of the conference sessions and keynote presentations is not permitted by attendees and members of the press,however, recording during conference breaks will be permitted. Members of the media are required to observe embargoes as indicated by the conference organizers.

If you would like to register as a member of the media, please send an email with the following emailto
Media Registration Form

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