Nonduality has as many approaches as there are human endeavors.

Mystics describe the experience in many ways – as loving, open, and lacking any sense of separation. More than a feeling, the experience also conveys a deep and liberating insight into the truth of life, death, self and world.

Yet life happens and turns and each turning is unique and individual. To see the turnings from the perspective of these nondual insights is the beginning of a fuller, freer, happier life. It is the beginning of awakening.

Mystics and sages are not the only ones to claim and describe nonduality.

Philosophers speak of nonduality as the insight that reality lacks true multiplicity, suggesting that reality is actually free of the dualistic opposites so often attributed to it. That is, reality lacks such distinctions as mind/matter, subject/object, reality/appearance, self/other, substance/attribute, essentialism/nihilism, past/future, here/there, truth/falsity, good/evil, and other pairs of opposites.

In spite of having successfully used analysis (i.e. “taking things apart”) as a powerful tool for centuries, science is converging on the nondual. Cosmologists seek a first cause for the universe. Physicists look for the ultimate constituent of matter. Neurophysiologists attempt to correlate physiological observables with reported experiences of nonduality. Transpersonal psychologists investigate the effects of these experiences on human mental health. Deep ecologists explore the potential consequences of nondual understanding on long term global health. Mathematics practiced with love and devotion has been described as communion with the nondual Divine.

World religions teach nonduality in both their orthodox and esoteric branches, the latter including Jewish Kabbalah, Islamic Sufism, Christian mysticism, Hindu Advaita-Vedanta, and Buddhist Shentong and Madhyamika as well as Zen; also included are Taoism and many shamanisic traditions. Aboriginal and modern cultures explore the realms of psyche from separate ego-bound mind to transpersonal realms to nonduality using many methods, including meditation, altered breathing, music, dancing, and powerful plants/chemicals.

The arts celebrate and cultivate the experience of nonduality. From painting to filmmaking, music to typography, sculpture to found art, horticulture to cooking, poetry to digital media, ballet to tai chi, literature to architecture -- nonduality is muse, subject and symbol.

The 3-day Science and Nonduality cultural event places each attendee face to face with each other and with individuals living from the life-spanning varieties of nondual expression.

Part seminar, part festival, part conference, the Science and Nonduality event explores and shows how science combines with meditation, philosophy, art, music, dance, lovemaking, shamanism, and entheogens to induce nondual experience, aid in integrating nondual experience into daily life, and point to nondual reality.

This gathering is an exploration of nonduality and a celebration of the bottom-line truth of our existence: that in our distinct and individualistic arisings and turnings, we are truly not limited, bound, or separate.


• To introduce nonduality in an intellectual sense: philosophically, scientifically, in the contexts of world religions, from the perspectives of art, literature, athletics, martial arts, psychology.
• To introduce nonduality experientially.
• To introduce nonduality beyond or prior to experience.
• To introduce nonduality by means of claims and statements arising from direct experience, of what the nondual “state” is.
• To arrive at nonduality through a review of studies in quantum theory, neurology, cosmology, and mathematics.
• To show how quantum theory, neurology, cosmology, and mathematics unfold to reveal nonduality.
• To show how an understanding of nonduality has been meaningful in the history of science.
• To show how the philosophy of science exposes a foundation of nondual understanding.
• To consider the value of nondual understanding for scientists.
• To understand and see how art, music, dance, movies, delicious foods, lovemaking, shamanism, and entheogens induce nondual experience, aid in nondual inquiry, and point to nondual reality.

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