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Sponsors are cordially invited to partner with us to help make the Science of Nonduality Conference a truly memorable event and to further build the nonduality-inspired community.This conference will provide your organization with a unique opportunity to reach an audience of thoughtful and highly motivated people. Sponsorship opportunities include logo placement and special mention in the official program.

The official conference bookstore is being operated by East-West Bookstore of Mountain View, CA.

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Timeless Wisdom ( was founded by Dr. Peter Fenner in 2000. Our premier programs are the 9 month Radiant Mind Course and 9 month Nondual Teacher Training. Our programs present the liberating heart of nondual traditions such as Zen, Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Advaita in a form that is precise and effective, and also simple and very natural. Our courses are built on the principle of doing nothing more, and nothing less, than is needed to abide as nondual awareness while being optimally functional in our relationships. Timeless Wisdom programs appeal to new and seasoned spiritual practitioners and to mental health professionals.


Common Ground a monthly magazine serves as a resource to help readers live healthier lives and create a sustainable society. Their editorial content builds conscious community by expanding social, political, and environmental awareness. It supports wellness and healthy living by informing readers about natural foods, nutrition, and integrative health care.


Tricycle: The Buddhist Review brings Buddhist perspectives to contemporary life. Teachings and practices are accessible to a Western audience and is America's preeminent Buddhist publication. For three years running, Tricycle has been recognized with the prestigious Folio Award for Best Spiritual Magazine. It continues to be the most inclusive and widely read vehicle for the dissemination of Buddhist perspectives.

Light of Consciousness

Founded in 1988 by Swami Amar Jyoti, Light of Consciousness—Journal of Spiritual Awakening focuses on meditation, consciousness, spiritual practices, sacred ecology and healing. The philosophies and approaches presented convey the underlying and common principles of all spiritual paths.

Published quarterly, each artistic issue features a Satsang (wisdom teaching) of Swami Amar Jyoti and enlightening articles from diverse wisdom traditions, spirituality and science, personal journeys, spiritual cinema, poetry and reviews. Recent authors include Swami Vivekananda, Amit Goswami, Dean Radin, Lynne McTaggart, John Hagelin, Bruce Lipton, Rev. Tom Honey, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Rabbi Allen S. Maller, Sean Corn and Peter Russell.

The Conscious Media Network

The Conscious Media Network is dedicated to featuring 'imperative' information by interviewing authors, scientists, doctors and metaphysicians who are experts on a wide number of subjects.

Our mission is to investigate phenomena, shine a light into the darkest corners of society, research the mysterious aspects of our existence and bring forth the brightest methodologies for personal development and sustainability.

We research the kind of information that would never be seen on TV and won’t get out into the mainstream media.

Join us in our evolution, the pursuit of personal development and the application of individual responsibility within our global community.

Enlighten Next

EnlightenNext is the magazine for "Evolutionaries"-for people who are passionate about the evolution of consciousness and culture. Known for 17 years as What Is Enlightenment?, EnlightenNext is a global magazine that integrates leading-edge spirituality, cultural commentary, and evolutionary thinking with a commitment to create the future. Through an unusual synthesis of spirituality, science, politics, ecology, business, and the arts, each issue is building a new narrative for human life. The flagship publication of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit parent organization of the same name, EnlightenNext is published quarterly in English, German, Dutch, and Spanish.


East Bay Express - San Francisco’s comprehensive weekly calendar. If one mayor represented all of Alameda and Contra Costa counties, that person's 2.5 million constituents would live in the country's fourth-largest city. From the international populations that make Oakland and Richmond so dynamic, to the ideological diversity that separates Berkeley from Walnut Creek, our readers are united by their love of a region that is second to nowhere in beauty, livability, intellectual firepower, and cosmopolitan charm. The East Bay Express has been this vibrant region's leading voice since 1978.

Spirituality & Health

Spirituality & Health is for people who wish to explore the spiritual journey - the journey to self-knowledge, authenticity and integration. We draw from the wisdom of many traditions and cultures with an emphasis on sharing spiritual practices. We look to science to help provide a context for the spiritual quest. We explore the health of body, mind, and spirit and we recognize the interdependence of our health, our communities, and our environment. We acknowledge that in our language the words "whole," "health" and "holy" share a common root. We invite you to enjoy our extensive website - including more than 1,400 articles from back issues, self-assessments, and other resources.

Association for Transpersonal Psychology
The Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP) is a membership supported international organization for scientific, social, and clinical transpersonal work serving the world community. The Association's mission is to promote eco-spiritual transformation through transpersonal inquiry and action. Recognizing the reciprocity inherent between actions and the world, the Association is dedicated to encouraging and enhancing practices and perspectives that lead to conscious and sustainable co-evolution of culture, nature, and society. To this end, the Association publishes a peer-reviewed Journal, provides pertinent information through internet-based communications, sponsors meetings, lectures, workshops, conferences, and community projects that encourage spiritual development, ecological awareness, and sustainable commerce.
For over thirty years only PARABOLA has served as the meeting ground of the worlds great spiritual traditions as they address the central questions of human existence. From Sufis to Buddhists, from Christians to Muslims, from Jews to Hindus, from Sikhs to sadhus, all nooks of the infinite crannies of spirituality have found their way into PARABOLA. Each issue, PARABOLA offers readers ancient and modern wisdom and mythology, contemporary essays by great writers, and full-color art from around the world, aimed at drawing readers away from shallows of sound bites and easy judgments into the depths of life, where all paths to truth meet as one.
The International Quantum University
The key to establishing Integrative Medicine as the medicine of the 21st Century is Quantum Physics and Consciousness. The International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (IQUIM) offers Doctorate and Master's Degrees in Integrative Medicine and Traditional Naturopathy. Recently, we also added to our curriculum the teachings of Amit Goswami, PhD: The Quantum Doctor, Quantum Physics: New Context for Medicine, Quantum Biology, Quantum Health Management and the Quantum Activist courses. At the Quantum University, educators, doctors and researchers come together to create innovative online courses including Naturopathy, Auriculotherapy, Biofeedback, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, Hormonology, and licensing programs such as the Quantum Healer license. These programs pull all the pieces of the puzzle together into a coherent and practical multi-dimensional model of Integrative Health Care. Students gain powerful knowledge and respected credentials to help them become successful practitioners in this exciting field. The Quantum University's online webinars, video courses and iPod education are tailored to students’ practical needs and budget. In the comfort of your home, at your own pace, you gain the knowledge, skills and credentials to begin a practice that will serve your community.

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