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  • SAND14 US Conference:The Entanglement of Life

    Workshops Oct 22nd- 23rd and 27th
    Main Conference Oct 23rd – 26th
    Dolce Hayes Mansion, San Jose, CA

    Entanglement is one of the strangest parts of quantum mechanics — so strange, in fact, that Albert Einstein famously referred to it as “spooky action at a distance.” An entangled system shows a property that has been measured for the whole but not for parts.

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    Watch hours of video material of conference talks, media product excerpts and relevant video clips online… for free!

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    Who will be speaking at SAND14 US?

    We can already tell you that this year’s speakers will be just as mind boggling, thought provoking and inspiring as last year… And there will be more!

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    Now available: SAND ANTHOLOGY vol. 4 (3 DVD set)

    Another groundbreaking collection of conversations with leading scientists, contemporary mystics, authors and teachers. Science and Nonduality Anthology Volume 4 takes you on a journey into the most compelling questions of our time, ranging from the mystery of time, emotions, evolution to awakening.

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  • ABOUT: Science and Nonduality (SAND)

    SAND brings together preeminent scientists, philosophers, spiritual teachers, and mystics for an exploration of the new paradigm emerging in spirituality that is grounded in cutting-edge science and consistent with the ancient wisdom of nonduality — the deep understanding of the interconnectedness of life…

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This Sacred Game Has Been Rigged Against Us

“The answer is to question the mind itself, not to answer its questions.” ~ Scott Kiloby The word “spirituality” has caused a lot of suffering over the centuries. Moral self-righteousness is often tagging along side that…


Where Science and Spirituality are One: the Laboratory of Perception

“The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.” ~ Paul Cezanne The polarity between spirituality and science is one of the rifts dividing the previous generation from the generation…


Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

  You are the infinite potentiality, the inexhaustible possibility. Because you are, all can be. The universe is but a partial manifestation of your limitless capacity to become… Beyond the witness there is the infinite intensity of…


Did the Vedic Philosophy Influence the Concept of Free Energy and Quantum Mechanics?

The properties of space have been postulated by many, from ancient Vedic philosophy, Eastern Mystics, various ancient civilizations throughout human history all the way to Descartes, Einstein, Newton and more. Again, if you observed the composition…

Photo by Olivier Malcor

Devastation to Transformation

Waking up to the truth of your nature as Life itself is nothing less than total devastation, that once begun, snowballs into an never-ending mysterious transformation. Everything you have believed about yourself and about your life…

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